Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Christians" Can't Be Light When They Are Woefully Ignorant of Truth

Tim Wildmon Says Cal Thomas Does Not Practice What He Preaches

'You may have read the recent post-election column by Cal Thomas about conservative Christians needing to get out of politics, government and public policy. Thomas argues that Christians should abandon these areas, leave all the decisions of the country to non-Christians, and give total devotion to something he calls “obscurity.” To which I must respond: Huh?Thomas writes: “Thirty years of trying to use government to stop abortion, preserve opposite-sex marriage, improve television and movie content into the conservative Evangelical image has failed?”
I don't know what Thomas means by "obscurity" either, but I do know he's right. Christians have been unable to turn or at least keep the morality of this country on the right course. Christians have thought, mistakenly, that politics can help change behavior and perhaps hearts. They have been more involved and passionate about politics than Scripture. They will lock arms with Mormons and Roman Catholics on political issues, and be blinded to the fact their political buddies are lost and earning hell. They will not risk offending their political bedfellows, because they need all the numbers on the "Conservative" side they can get. Yet God calls us to a spiritual battle. They could win the political day, but their bedfellows will still go to hell without hearing the Gospel.
Have you walked into a "Christian" book store? Have you see "Christian" t.v.? Listened to "Christian" radio? Have you talked with the average "Christian"? If you have, then you must realize they are woefully ignorant of biblical truth and therefore do not live by what Scripture says.
Divorce is just as high in "churches" as it is in the world. Sexual immorality is increasing among the "Christian" youth. Inter-faith tolerance is at an all-time high in "Christian" circles. For crying out loud, Rick Warren and Ed Young (a la the Emergent Church Movement) is growing in popularity. Psychology and anti-Trinitarianism and Romanism are accepted happily by "Christians" across the board.
This is happening INSIDE "Christianity"---so what hope do these "Christians" have to offer the world? They ARE the world! Look at "Christian" music. Its hard to tell the difference between them and secular "artists". How many of them cross over to the secular side, anyway, once they "make it big" with "Christians"?
Thomas is right: Christians have proven to be powerless in life. But the reasons may not be what he thinks they are. They are powerless because they are ignorant of truth. Without biblical wisdom, they can offer no truth b/c they don't know what it is.

By the looks on the bookshelves at "Christian" book stores, you'd think the Bible was useless in helping "Christians" live life. All those self-help psychology books...get rich happy books. Its truly pathetic, but a true barometer of "Christianity" right now.
"Christians" need to seek God's Word and live according to it. But until they have a high view of HIS powerful and living Word, they will seek what pleases their flesh and be no different than the world. They are NOT salt nor light. They are just religious bobbleheads wanting a happy-fix.


Phil Perkins said...

Good article. The gospel moves by the Spirit moving His people to speak the gospel.

It doesn't move by winning in the legislature or the media.

It doesn't "engage" the culture. It subverts it.

Phil Perkins

Denise said...


I agree. The road to eternal life is hard and narrow and few that find it.

When even "Christians" can't live by the Bible they SAY they believe, what in the name of Sam Hill does anyone expect them to do in relation to the world and politics?

Phil Perkins said...

I'm pretty sure that most "Christians" aren't really Christians. I wasn't.

Phil Perkins.