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Inter-Faith of Chuck Coleson Returns

Inter-faith is back even in the face of the death of two of its Romanist leaders.

Chuck Coleson lays out more home for the continued Inter-faith work with his Romanists buddies in an interview with I-Don't-Know-What-Kind-Of-Christianity-Today.

[NOTE:I'd like to be clear: this is inter-faith, not ecumenicism. There is no common ground between the RCC and Christianity; it is not a denomination of Christianity. It is, instead, a pagan religion condemned by God. Just as joining hands between Christians and Muslims is inter-faith, so it joining hands between Christians and Catholics is inter-faith.]

Coleson said: "Almost at the same time that statement was issued, the two Catholics who were willing to say they agreed with what the reformers meant when they said sola fide died. It's as if "Okay, you finished your task. The big issue that divided us in the Reformation has now been settled, so you guys can come home and rest."

WOW! All that blood for nothing. Then again many Reformers really ARE going back to Mamma Rome. Its all so wrong.

"It's a little bit eerie. The two of them going just weeks apart does not suggest to me that God does not care about the continuing work of ECT but that the first major breakthrough had been accomplished. It's amazing timing." - Coleson

Does he not see this is God's judgment against those who mix truth with error? Apparently he doesn't. Coleson is an impediment to the Gospel and has NO CLUE what Truth is, primarily Justification according to Scripture--and has no clue what the RCC Catechism teaches on justification OR what Luther taught (see below).

Benedict said last year that the RCC is the only true church. So many professing Christians were shocked,but I wasn't. I knew for years this is what RCC teaches and its there repeatedly in their own Catechism and other documents. So Coleson is wrong on Benedict, putting his own interpretation back into Benedict's and Rome's proclaimations. RCC says salvation is ONLY found in the RCC. Period. Coleson has a personal relationship at stake and therefore is compromising truth and leading many people straight into the lion's mouth. He ought to be ashamed.

The RCC is the means of salvation

RCC Cat. #845 "Outside the Church there is no salvation"

RCC Catechims #846…the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation...Hence they COULD NOT be saved who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary by God through Christ, would refuse either to enter it or to remain in it.

Baptismal Regeneration: Luther and Rome agree

RCC #1213 Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: "Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word."

Luther’s Larger Catechism (LC) (86)If, therefore, we have once in Baptism obtained forgiveness of sin, it will remain every day, as long as we live, that is, as long as we carry the old man about our neck.

RCC 985 Baptism is the first and chief sacrament of the forgiveness of sins: it unites us to Christ

Luther’s Large Catechism on the Sacrament of the Alter #23 For by Baptism we are first born anew;

RCC Cat. #1257 The Lord himself affirms that Baptism is necessary for salvation. (John 3:5)He also commands his disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations and to baptize them. Baptism is necessary for salvation for those to whom the Gospel has been proclaimed and who have had the possibility of asking for this sacrament. The Church does not know of any means other than Baptism that assures entry into eternal beatitude; this is why she takes care not to neglect the mission she has received from the Lord to see that all who can be baptized are "reborn of water and the Spirit." God has bound salvation to the sacrament of Baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments.

In case Coleson or any of the Inter-faithers think Rome and Christians are still on the same page and ignore the significance of the Council of Trent:

Prologue of RCC Catechism #9 "The ministry of catechesis draws ever fresh energy from the councils. The Council of Trent is a noteworthy example of this. It gave catechesis priority in its constitutions and decrees. It lies at the origin of the Roman Catechism, which is also known by the name of that council and which is a work of the first rank as a summary of Christian teaching.

RCC Catechism Prologue"[12] The Council of Trent initiated a remarkable organization of the Church's catechesis. Thanks to the work of holy bishops and theologians such as St. Peter Canisius, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Turibius of Mongrovejo or St. Robert Bellarmine, it occasioned the publication of numerous catechisms.

Trent Council CANON III.-If any one saith, that in the Roman church, which is the mother and mistress of all churches, there is not the true doctrine concerning the sacrament of baptism; let him be anathema.

Trent Council CANON V.-If any one saith, that baptism is free, that is, not necessary unto salvation; let him be anathema.

On Justification

RCC 1992Justification is conferred in Baptism, the sacrament of faith. It conforms us to the righteousness of God, who makes us inwardly just by the power of his mercy. Its purpose is the glory of God and of Christ, and the gift of eternal life

RCC 1993 Justification establishes cooperation between God's grace and man's freedom. On man's part it is expressed by the assent of faith to the Word of God, which invites him to conversion, and in the cooperation of charity with the prompting of the Holy Spirit who precedes and preserves his assent

No Grace

RCC # 2027 we can merit for ourselves and for others all the graces needed to attain eternal life, as well as necessary temporal goods.

RCC Cat. #2006 The term "merit" refers in general to the recompense owed by a community or a society for the action of one of its members, experienced either as beneficial or harmful, deserving reward or punishment. Merit is relative to the virtue of justice, in conformity with the principle of equality which governs it.


Mary like Jesus: RCC Cat. #487 What the Catholic faith believes about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, and what it teaches about Mary illumines in turn its faith in Christ.

RCC# 2146 The second commandment forbids the abuse of God's name, i.e., every improper use of the names of God, Jesus Christ, but also of the Virgin Mary and all the saints.

RCC# 2162 The second commandment forbids every improper use of God's name. Blasphemy is the use of the name of God, of Jesus Christ, of the Virgin Mary, and of the saints in an offensive way.

RCC cat. #975 "We believe that the Holy Mother of God, the new Eve, Mother of the Church

All of these teachings of Rome are contrary to Scripture such as 1John 1:8,10; Col. 1:18; 1Tim. 2:5; Romans 4; Eph. 2:8-9; Gal. 1:16 for instance.


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Precisely why I can't get "on board" with Colson's Prison Fellowship or Bill Bright's prison outreach program. They are both far too ecumenical. And far too many people are completely comfortable with that.

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